Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something different to remember on Memorial Day

Now that the Guardian is marketing electronically to the USA, there are occasionally Amero-centric articles. And while this one is one such (Memorial Day appears to be intended to be something like our Armistice day, except it's a public holiday).
Something different to remember on Memorial Day, it is worth noting here as this war veteran reflects: "often it takes a different kind of moral and, yes, even physical courage to resist a call to serve your country in a war you believe is a crime, when all your family, friends, teachers and the vast American majority support joining up ... what about those "cowards", "traitors" and "slackers" who don't want to kill other people? They're an odd breed who count among their number such as Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Sergeant York, David Hockney, three US weapon-refusing combat medics who won the medal of honour, and the 27 Israeli air force pilots who refused orders to "track and kill" civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. ... what kind of guts does it take for war objectors, whether they're Quakers, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mennonites or secular, who simply don't want to kill? On this Memorial Day, it might be a time to think about the outcasts who refuse to take life."

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