Sunday, March 14, 2010

Founder of Christian Peacemaker Teams dies of a heart attack | Ekklesia

Founder of Christian Peacemaker Teams dies of a heart attack | Ekklesia: "'Every one of us is impacted by a dominant culture which insists that military or police force will make things right. Every day, that culture tells us that dirty tricks, usually done in secret, are required for our survival. After all, it’s argued, someone has to do this dirty work. It’s called a noble work and the Blackwater mercenaries are required for the work. It will take an expanding world-wide but grassroots culture reaching beyond national borders to fashion a body of Christian peacemakers to be an effective power to block the guns and be part of transforming each impending tragedy of war. Little by little there will be change.' - Gene Stoltzfus, peacemaker, 1940-2010."


At 7:15 pm, Anonymous Jill Hunting said...

Gene Stoltzfus’s essays written in retirement, on whatever topic he chose, were the best treatment of that topic I read anywhere. I will not forget his blog about running to tell his father the news that World War II was over. He was 5 years old. He called it his first peace message.
At the time of my brother Pete Hunting’s death in Vietnam, Gene was his closest friend. They had bought motorcycles together and planned adventures they would have after completing their IVS service. Years later, Gene and I met and he played a part in the healing journey that became my memoir Finding Pete. Gene figures prominently in the story, which includes what he told me about resigning his position with IVS, facing the U.S. press corps in Saigon, and leaving Vietnam to work for peace.
It was a privilege to have known such a man.


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