Sunday, November 05, 2006

Narrative ethics and the Old Testament

Here's a taster of the thing.
the theological point of this story is that God doesn’t depend on military generals to accomplish divine purposes. And what forces actually defeat the Caananites in Judges 5? God sends rain from heaven and the Caananite chariots are sunk in the mud. You notice a pattern here? The chariots of the Pharaoh are drowned in the sea; the chariots of the Caananites get stuck in the mud. God uses Nature Power and Girl Power (those things considered weak in the eyes of the world) to overthrow chariots and generals. (Chariots were the cutting edge of military technology in the ancient Near East, kind of like the billion-dollar-a-piece Stealth bombers or thousands of weapons of mass destruction America produces today.) A repeated refrain in the OT is “do not put your trust in chariots and military alliances…not by might, not by strength, but by my Spirit says the Lord.”

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