Thursday, August 10, 2006

The children of God will not go to war!

Thristian Peacemaker Teams played a useful part in protecting a nonviolent parade in Colombia
Colombian Independence Day, ... is marked in Bogot�by a grand military parade. Our team was invited to participate in a counter parade, organized by conscientious objectors, that would follow the military, cleaning the streets of the death left in their footsteps. We followed in the wake of this parade bringing song and dance, street theater, signs and brooms sweeping the streets clean of violence. The group we were with chanted loudly "Los J�venes de Jehovah, no van a la Guerra!" ("The children of God will not go to war!") There are a growing number of Colombians standing up against great odds, and great personal threat, to struggle for a nonviolent and just peace.

CPTnet August Releases: COLOMBIA REFLECTION: The children of Go:
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