Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Response from Left Behind Games � Radical Congruency

I still have an attachment to the idea that portraying things positively in a 'friendly to the consumer' context has a tendency to hook our human mimetic responses and build an acceptability for what is portrayed. So it is worrying to find a Christian computer game manufacturer marketting a shoot-em-up where unbelievers are to be targetted for extermination. It is justified by a particular premillenialist dispentsationalist theology, but still, even within that framework surely this can't be healthy? Justin Baeder doesn't think so and has had a reply from the manufacturer when he rightly raised the issue.
Is it too much to ask for Christianity to have a do-no-harm policy? Can we at least make an attempt to represent ourselves as something other than killers and harbingers of doom? The world needs hope, needs Christ. If video games can help with that mission, go for it, and God bless you. Otherwise, I cannot help but believe that you are sending a very, very distorted message about the nature of the Gospel and of God, even by the standards of a committedly premillennial eschatological framework.

It concerns the forthcoming series of Left Behind video games and Justin commented originally here.
A Response from Left Behind Games � Radical Congruency:
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