Monday, January 23, 2006

British girls among most violent in world

This is an interesting reflection for peacemakers.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | British girls among most violent in world:
girls were most likely to fight with friends and family members, while boys were much more likely to engage in violence with strangers.

What it does seem to support is that there really are gender (hormonally related?) differences with regard to violence, but that there are cultural factors at work too and than therefore there are possibilities for strategies for peacemaking and conflict resolution that can 'work' these factors.
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Global Violence: Are things Getting Better?

The study ... concludes that global institutions have made a difference. It finds "that the best explanation for this decline [in conflicts] is the huge upsurge of conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding activities that were spearheaded by the United Nations in the aftermath of the Cold War." So the UN and other national and local interventions, however imperfect, can take some credit for these improvements -- a piece of PR they sorely need when our impressions of these institutions is poor.
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WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Tracking Global Violence: Are things Getting Better?:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If not 2006, then when?

This is a longish article on the likelihood that we have just hit peak oil production and then works out the ramifications in USA and global terms. The thing is that the consequences are likely and logical. For example:
As America roils in economic pain, factory workers in China will be thrown out of work. They will be extremely pissed off, and as their appeals go unappeased, they might start making political trouble in their country. That could easily stimulate Chinese leaders to divert their nation's attention with a compelling military project -- say some moves into the oil-rich former Soviet lands to China's west. Sooner or later, China eventually will go cuckoo from a shortage of fossil fuels. It only remains to be seen how this will express itself.

The only real mitigations might be the possibility that we haven't quite hit the peak of oil production, or renewables really start to make a dent [not likely in one year but in the longer term... maybe], or the immediate effects are not quite as severe or quickly-enacted as envisaged here.
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Peace studies in our time

Iraqi misery may, though, bring benefits for the wider world. "It is such a disaster that it may force a serious rethink on the discredited control paradigm. I lecture to people in the military who are smarter and more aware on this than politicians or business people."
So what should take the place of 'lidism'? "We need more effective, sustainable development underpinned by proper debt relief, trade reform and effective development assistance. At an environmental level, we need to get serious about climate change, which dwarfs every other issue." | eG weekly | Paul Rogers: Peace studies in our time: Filed in: , , , , ,