Friday, August 05, 2005

The Excuse Makers vs the Experiencers

Adbusters : The Excuse Makers: Condoleezza Rice: "Asked by Lehrer about the connection between US foreign policy decisions and the apparent rise in global terrorism, Secretary Rice responded by scolding everyone who would dare ask about root causes"
There is a good antidote to this in an Alternet article by Sean Gonsalves. In it he writes,
"When IRA terrorists were in full swing there was no ''shock and awe'' bombing of Belfast. What happened? To oversimplify, IRA leaders and British officials sat down at the negotiating table. Has IRA terrorism increased since then? Nope. In fact, just last week the IRA declared an end to their 36-year campaign of coercive violence against Britain to pursue a nonviolent political path."
Perhaps we should be listening to our own British experience in the face of Al Qaida rather than the Rice approach?


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