Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Soulforce Vows

Vowing things to do with life-shaping seems to be gaining popularity. Here's a set of vows for a non-violent life based ultimately in Ghandi's Satyagraha vision.
"Five Soulforce Vows or Promises
1. Vow to Truth
I promise to seek the truth, to live by the truth, and to confront untruth wherever I find it.
2.Vow to Love
I promise to reject violence (of the fist, tongue, or heart) and to use only the methods of nonviolence in my search for truth or in my confrontation with untruth.
3.Vow to volunteer suffering
I promise to take on myself without complaint any suffering that might result from my confrontation with untruth and to do all in my power to help my adversary avoid all suffering, especially that suffering that may result from our confrontation.
4.Vow to control passions
I promise to control my appetite for food, sex, intoxicants, entertainment, position, power that my best self might be free to join with my Creator in doing justice (making things fair for all).
5.Vow to limit possessions
I promise to limit my possessions to those things I really need to survive and to see myself as a trustee over all my other possessions, using them exclusively to help make things fair for those who suffer.
There's a full-ish background and explanation at the website ...Soulforce - Soulforce Vows:

Friday, June 24, 2005

Video game violence and the brain

This article picks up a flaw in the study recently reported in New Scietist. "So the only thing that this study really tells us about 'the brain and violence' is that the same thing happens neurologically when one is faced with various simulated violent situations, where there's no real threat of harm and the subject is fully cognizant of his or her own fundamental safety."
Which seems a fair point. However it does point up the need to find a way to correlate imaginary violence with actual willngness to perpetrate, and that's yet another thing.

Video game violence and the brain: See also John Borland article