Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Normalization of War

Sometimes it's useful to get indications of scale, even if those figures are hard to imagine, the comparisons can be helpful, this is one such:"the present-day Pentagon budget, adjusted for inflation, is 12 percent larger than the average defense budget of the Cold War era. In 2002, American defense spending exceeded by a factor of twenty-five the combined defense budgets of the seven 'rogue states' then comprising the roster of U.S. enemies.16 Indeed, by some calculations, the United States spends more on defense than all other nations in the world together. This is a circumstance without historical precedent."
It seems tragic that this kind of money cannot be spent on peacemaking and conflict resolution. Ironically it would probably be cheaper to bribe people individually and collectively to live more peacefully than putting this money into military hardware.
The Normalization of War:


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