Monday, April 18, 2005

India and Pakistan say peace 'irreversible'

IT's good to see this and even more interesting to note the basis for the optimism. "... there had been a change of attitude in Pakistan. 'Domestically there is a realisation that the military option is not the option any more,' he said at a breakfast meeting with Indian journalists. 'The strategy of a coercive diplomacy is no more an option.' G Parthasarthy, a former Indian ambassador to Pakistan said the talks and the joint statement show 'a readiness by Pakistan to acknowledge that enhanced trade and economic cooperation will promote prosperity. Certainly, there does appear to be a recognition by Pakistan that complex issues are best resolved when there is a climate of cooperation and trust'."
Perhaps worth noting and adding to the files of evidence for the importance and efficacy of peaceful methods to build peace?

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | India and Pakistan say peace 'irreversible':


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