Thursday, April 07, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Peace deal ends Ivory Coast war

This is good news by anyone's standards, surely. I can't sya that I know a lot about the situation but I did find this bit of the article very revealing.
"'Above all ... this was an agreement between Ivorians ... we really worked and identified the problems and sought to resolve them,' Mr Gbagbo said after signing the accord. The two sides have agreed several times to end the war, but their previous undertakings were handicapped by mutual distrust, because neither was willing to compromise on key demands."
Peacemaking in this situation has involved making sure that the people who are directly involved and affected are involved in confidence- and trust-building paths of negotiation which enabled the the problems to be properly identified -presumably getting beyond rhetoric and posturing- and addressed. I couldn't work out what the key demands that couldn't be compromised were but clearly they found ways through or round those.

Trust building is clearly key for any peace making. Without it we are left with mutual derogatory stereotyping and an inability to comprehend the other and so an inability to address their genuine needs.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Peace deal ends Ivory Coast war:


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