Thursday, March 31, 2005

Can a Christian Support War?

It is good to be able to highlight a quality debate on the issue. 'Quality' because it takes Jesus' teaching seriously but also the realities of the world we are living in now and lso because it is written in a pacific way with good points being made.
Can a Christian Support War? | open source theology

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Who's Responsible for Climate Refugees?

Traditionally, or rather, historically, people movements under resource pressure have been a major source of conflict and warfare, so we cannot be sanquine about this."Estimates suggest that roughly 50 million to 200 million people will be displaced by the 2080s, owing to the direct impacts of climate change". Leave aside the humanitarian side fo things, the pressure on other nations will be at times intense peaceemaking in the 21st century means taking account of climate-change population movements and beginning now to lobby governments and NGO's to plan for peaceful resolutions. I haven't seen any signs yet that anyone is doing this, I'd be hapy to be proved wrong, though.

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Who's Responsible for Climate Refugees?:

Understanding War in order to Save Lives

Peacemaking is more than protesting about war, it is seeking to be pro-active in creating conditions for peace or at least conditions to help head off war. It is a holistic task taking in doing right by people's legitimate needs for security and opportunity and the means to make a right livelihood. THere are a few good links from this article and here's a quote to whet your appetite. "If we are to create a more stable world -- and there is increasing evidence that security and sustainability go hand-in-hand and that attempts to create one without the other are doomed from the start -- we need to do a better job of heading off conflict (or negotiating its end), of stopping genocides, and of bringing the killers to justice. But we also need to better understand the kinds of problem violence creates, in order to better relieve suffering and more quickly recreate stability in war-torn areas."

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Understanding War in order to Save Lives: